A Glimpse Of Her


She did not know
That she was being watched
From beyond the pane,

A happenstance glance.

He had recognized her prideful gait
Out of the corner of his eye.

All day, he had had the feeling
That they would cross paths;
Though, this is not how
He had previously pictured it.

She was wearing yet another
Failed attempt at fashion.
Her outfits were always atrocious.

He envisioned
Her lipstick legacy:
Memory produced a series of images
Shuffling by in his minds-eye
Like a well edited filmstrip;
Frame after frame flowed
Mismatched colors and shades,
Contradictory to her complexion.

She never could
Figure out what to do
With her hair.

He never had the heart
To tell her these things.
A sense of regret washed over him
As he took quick inventory
Of the many missed
Opportunities for cruelty.

Internalizing instead,
The anger and pain,
His hurtful retorts
Were left unvoiced.
He resents her even more
On account.

He does not feel good,
Having seen her.

She is off
And out
To impress.

She always

GDeV Final Draft 25 January 2017