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Hair: Light-Brown Height: 5’8”
Weight: 165 lbs Eyes: Hazel-Green



Dead Eye Feature Lead: Ray Rubicon Features
The Arriviste Feature Principal: Det. Blitzer Santschi Films
Interrogation Short Lead: Ellison Slattery & Morales
Limbo Short Lead: Father Robin Metwali Productions
The Last One Short Principal: Ed Gasperini Films
Bed Karma Short Lead: Jack Gasperini Films
Stupid Cupids Short Lead: Cupid of the Month Gasperini Films
Blind Luck Short Lead: John Mukhopadhyay Films
Lamb to the Slaughter Short Lead: Detective Sanders Molina Productions
The Guest’s Short Lead: Max Pidal Productions
Empty Pockets Short Lead: Rick Rikpix Films
M-m-mysteries of Paul Short Principal: Anchorman Wang Productions
Sleight of Hand Short Principal: Hitman Ayers Films
Multiple Identity Short Principal: John ZaZa Films
El Diamante Short Lead: Moron Davey Films
Really? Short Possible Roommate Davey Films
Paranoia Short Bartender Dwyer Films
The Hell of It Short Bellhop Haddad Productions
Countless Student Films Various Characters NYU, SVA, NYFA, etc.



Learning To Drive Lead: Tony WCVB: ABC
Commercials: Available upon request…



The Miracle Worker James Keller Circle in the Square
Rumors Ken Gorman Circle in the Square
Chekov Vaudeville’s Doctor, Servant Company Theatre NYC
Company Paul Company Theatre NYC
Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Regional Theatre, MA



Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
Circle in the Square Theatre School: Strasberg Technique, Voice, Movement
Private study with Laurie Peters: Meisner Technique


Special Skills

Music: Guitar, Piano, Sing, Harmonica, Music Composition
Writing: Prose, Poetry, Plays, and Screenplays
Sports: Baseball, Soccer, & Tennis
Dialects: Bostonian, New Yorker, Irish, English, Southern-American, Latino, more
Local 1 Union member: Professional Electrics, Carpentry, and Props
Experience: Mama Mia, Fox 5 news, Cabaret, Cats, Urine Town, Invention of Love